Ministry of Environment Trains MRV for Climate Action Technical Working Groups

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Resources, with support from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Canada, recently concluded a transformative five-day training on Data Collection and Interpretation, a key development for Technical Working Groups of MRV for Climate Action pilot projects at the new Climate Action Centre, UTG Kanifing Campus.

This initiative aims to equip Technical Working Groups with essential skills in data collection and interpretation, paving the way for impactful developments in environmental monitoring and management necessary to drive meaningful change for sustainable development.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Permanent Secretary Bubacarr Zaidi Jallow highlighted the country's heavy reliance on agriculture, which is severely affected by erratic rainfall patterns due to the effects of climate change. This acknowledgment underscores the urgency of addressing climate-related challenges and the importance of equipping technical experts with the necessary tools and knowledge to mitigate these impacts effectively.

Professor Sidat Yaffa expressed gratitude to the Ministry and partners for providing this capacity-building training. He emphasized the significant role this training will play in addressing climate change mitigation in the country, recognizing the vital link between data-driven decision-making and effective climate action.

The MRV for Climate Action Programme supports partner countries' national development priorities and capabilities to plan, finance, and achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction and the implementation of low-carbon solutions to local development challenges. This training represents a crucial step towards building the capacity and expertise needed to implement climate mitigation strategies and achieve sustainable development goals.